Marketing Material for Motivated Sellers Marketing Material for Motivated Sellers Doing your own Letters To save extra money you can write, seal, and stamp your own letters without paying another company. 161507738 Post Cards Some of the first post cards I ever used to mail out to potential motivated sellers. 161507739 Company T-Shirt When going to meet with a seller it may be a great idea to get a company T-shirt made. Makes you look a lot more official. You can also wear it when doing everyday things like grocery shopping. 161507740 Address Labels & Stamps Instead of licking every envelope it may be better to buy some address labels and you may also want to get creative with your stamps to get the sellers attention. 161508772 Yellow Letters This is just an example of what can go on a yellow letter. Also as you can see this was done on a computer even though it looks handwritten. 161508773 Bandit Signs to find Buyers After a property is under contract, you can find buyers by placing these bandit signs in the neighborhood of the property 162803766 168790570